Miya Shimada (Team 4)

Miya Shimada is quiet but deadly.


Genjutsu (Illusion Arts):

Poison Moth Cave Vision (Genjutsu) Creates a dream illusion of a cave full of poison moths. Hits indicate strength of illusion/effectiveness of the poison.

Bringer of Darkness (Genjutsu) Illusion of being surrounded by total darkness

Air Style


Miya’s background is a mystery. She came to attend the Academy and has flourished as a student but she’s never opened up to anyone. A foundling who was adopted, she seems ashamed of her parents and does not introduce them to her six man team, Morituri. She has become romantically entangled with her team-mate, Akira..but who knows how long this young love will last?

Miya Shimada (Team 4)

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