Man In Red

This mysterious figure comes and goes as he pleases, performing seemingly random acts of sabotage and murder.


The Red Prince and his twin with the help of their doll-faced undead warriors kept the Village Under the Sands safe and secret. But as one brother went mad, the other reached out for help to Sunagakure, eventually leading to the imprisonment of the mad twin. Now the two sand villages work cooperatively to make the most of the resources of the land. But it could mean trouble if the Hidden People ever find out the betrayal of the Mad Twin…


The Man in Red killed Amari’s father and has been the source of numerous rumors in recent years. His ultimate agenda is unknown but he’s believed to be linked to the mysterious acceleration program instituted at the ninja academy. Is he the head of some dire new threat? Or merely the advance guard for something much, much worse?

Man In Red

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