Amari Acharon (Team Morituri)

Amari has long searched for his father's killer. He is quick-tempered and mysterious. Since the capture of The Man in Red, he has become a stalwart member of the team.


Taijutsu (Body Arts and Physical):

Baika (Taijustu/Enlarge): Makes the body or parts of the body larger.

1000 Years of Pain (Taijutsu/Strike): May only be performed as a surprise strike. Successes indicate effectiveness of stun effect.

Earth Style


Amari Acharon’s father was murdered my a mysterious crimson-garbed figure when he was a toddler, which has always haunted him. He plans to master his ninja skills and hunt this mysterious figure down… though he hasn’t quite figured out what he plans to do after that.

The mystery of his father’s death solved, if not avenged, he is a bit aimless. He seems to enjoy his place in the six person Morituri team, and his home in the pleasure quarters of the Oiran.

Amari Acharon (Team Morituri)

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