Renji Abari(Team 4)

Fiery-tempered and eager to prove himself, this Team 4 member is a constant thorn in your side.


Lightning style – Renji combines elements of lightning and sand in his ability to control sand, fusing it with self-generated heat. Thus he is able to create glass weapons and structures.


Convinced that he will eventually surpass even Gaara, Renji is constantly seeking to prove himself. He regards everyone, friend or foe, as someone to be vanquished and overcome. He believes that he will only attain his true status by proving how much better he is than everyone else.

or at least, that’s what his parents think…
In truth he is the quietest member of the six man Morituri team. He never really wanted to do this is the first place…he wanted to be a performer! Singing, dancing, flower arranging…he longs for a gentler life yet is pushed to a violent lifestyle by his family who has a long line of shinobi.

Secretly he envies both Amari’s lack of a family and his home with the lovely and artistic Oiran women.

Renji Abari(Team 4)

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