• Kaji


    Ninja student from Village Hidden in The Sands
  • Amari Acharon (Team Morituri)

    Amari Acharon (Team Morituri)

    Amari has long searched for his father's killer. He is quick-tempered and mysterious. Since the capture of The Man in Red, he has become a stalwart member of the team.
  • Gaara (Kazekage)

    Gaara (Kazekage)

    Sadistic and bloodthirsty in his youth, Gaara has mellowed with time. Eventually deciding that he will find his true strength in protecting the people of Sunagakure, he has become a strong and confident leader.
  • Kankuro


    The middle child of The Sand Siblings, Kankuro is fiercely protective of Gaara.
  • Man In Red

    Man In Red

    This mysterious figure comes and goes as he pleases, performing seemingly random acts of sabotage and murder.
  • Miya Shimada (Team 4)

    Miya Shimada (Team 4)

    Miya Shimada is quiet but deadly.
  • Renji Abari(Team 4)

    Renji Abari(Team 4)

    Fiery-tempered and eager to prove himself, this Team 4 member is a constant thorn in your side.
  • Temari


    The oldest of The Sand Siblings, she is far more likely than her brothers to seek out peaceful solutions to their problems.